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Most important thing is that nobody gets an injury

Most important thing is that nobody get an injury. But many players got an injuries ever. Shoulder, elbow, lumbar spine and more. I want to make it exterminator. We can't do anything against injury by collision. There is the rule on home-plate collisions. But sometime players crash to the wall or other players. It's very few what we can do for those. But we can avoid to the little leaguer's elbow or the shoulder impingement by appropriate coodinating. I'm keep coordinating for them for 10 years so young baseball players won't get such an injury.

In USA, there are many players who throwing from "power position". They can throw very fast ball using power posion. But "power position" will make possitivity of get injury increase. As you know, there are so many players who took the Tommy John surgery in USA. But they had should be able to avoid to surgery if they were understanding about the biomachanics and anatomy. But many coaches wanted good results of players in hurry for get a good amount salary than prevention of injury. But I don't do such a coordinating. As I said, I'm always coordinating for that young players won't get an injury. Moreover I'll support them so that they can throw fast ball and control throws well at same time. This is my way.

I don't want them to get hurt. Many players can be great player if they does not get hurt. Actually, the motion that donsn't get hurt is that can most raise performance. I had proved it with many players ever. Trust me, I can do that also for you!!

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