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Hello everyone! I'm a pitching coordinator!!

Hello everyone. As you know, I'm a pitching coordinator. It's very few pitching coordinator like me in Japan. Of course there are so many baseball coach in Japan but they don't study about biomechanics. Almost coaches are not pro that's why. But I'm working as professional pitcing coodinator around 10 years. Sometimes I'll go to New York, Seattle to work as pitching coodinator. Yes, I like snow! So I also go to Russia occasionally to interact with Russian sports coaches.

By the way in Japan, the science of baseball is not getting development than USA. Because  almost Japanese baseball coaches is teaching players with only rules of thumb. So they has only old skill. For example about Flying Elbow, this move is said No by old coaches. And they are still saying to players that "do weight shift" when players is doing hitting practice. So almost Japanese pro players couldn't get a lot of hits on MLB like Ichiro, Hideki Matsui and Shohey Ohtani. By the way I can do coaching also as a hitting coodinator.

Have you got hurts on your elbow or shoulder ever? I can coach concretely so that you won't get hurts on your elbow and shoulder. This is most strongest point of me. At same time, you can throw the balls more faster and control the ball more well. If you'll take my coaching. Do you have a curious for my coaching? I'm waiting for your contact. Anytime, mail me! :) I'll reply you very quickly and tell you my Skype. kazu(at)Kazコーチのマンツーマン野球塾.com

Regards. Coach Kaz


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